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About Us

KOLON Pharma is committed to
improve the health of mankind and quality of life.


I take this opportunity to appreciate the supports and attention from the customers of Kolon Pharma.

In fast-changing pharmaceutical environments, Kolon Pharma is striving to become the most trusted company by the customers built on our transparent and ethical management. Kolon is focusing all our attention to develop brand new products and market leading healthcare products that may lead to product-driven future growth as well as to focusing on supplying the product with high quality. Needless to mention that we are pleased in making continuous achievement accordingly to our attention.

With more drastic and innovative endeavors, we aim to become local leading pharmaceutical company beloved and trusted by our customers and furthermore, we pursue our best effort to develop ourselves as not only the local leading company, but to be positioned in one of the international leader in pharmaceutical industries.

We look forward to your continued support and attention. With all our heart, we wish you and your family to be in the moments filled with happiness and good health.

C.E.O  JaeKwang Chun