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About Us

KOLON Pharma is committed to
improve the health of mankind and quality of life.

KOLON Group Vision & Values

Corporate Vision and KOLON Group Vision, LifeStyle Innovator

LifeStyle Innovator

KOLON to reform lifestyle by providing the products
and services that improve the quality of life

Core Values of KOLON Group, One&Only


One&Only is the management philosophy that all KOLON members agree to and practice.
One&Only means that all employees of KOLON must have the unique and differentiated capability and be the most competitive to make KOLON loved the most by all customers.

KOLON's Way, One&Only Way

Ways to Realize One&Only

Thee core values of One&Only Way is the criteria for decision making of all KOLON employees.
KOLON that is the most loved by customers
We as a group that is unique and differentiated
I as an individual having the best competitiveness

The goal of KOLON Pharma is to contribute to improvement of health of mankind and quality of life by developing outstanding drugs and providing specialized services. The company and all its employees try to create the organizational culture where people would desire to work.