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Ethical Management

KOLON Pharma actively implements the ethical
management to ensure shared prosperity with all members of society.


Implementation of 7 Factors

The 'Regulation on Fair Trade Compliance Program Operation, Incentive, Etc.'
stipulates that a company must fulfill 7 criteria to be certified of CP,
and KOLON Pharma operates the internal compliance system
in conformation of the 7 factors to establish the compliance culture and fair trade order.

Proclamation of Compliance by CEO
CEO's commitment and principle of compliance with fair trade regulation is delivered to all employees through
a proclamation event and document to show the interest and intention to practice. The employees submit the Pledge of Compliance.
Appointment of Compliance Officer to Operate CP
A compliance officer who has the responsibility and authority for CP operation is appointed among the high level executives
but excluding the executives of the departments that have high legal violation risk such as sales and marketing.
Production and Distribution of Compliance Manual
The guideline on fair trade practice, operation regulation and guidance are distributed to the employees.
Continuous and Systematic Compliance Education
The education to prevent violation of fair trade law is conducted regularly to the employees in the areas such as sales
and marketing which are vulnerable to legal violations.
Development of Internal Control System
The code of conduct or guidance dos and don'ts of employee practice is established.
The CP operation standard and procedure to effectively operate CP are continuously and repeatedly distributed to the employees.
Discipline of Employees Violating Fair Trade Regulation
The rule stipulating the equitable discipline against the employees responsible to violation of fair trade regulation is
established and operated.
Development of Document Management System
All documents related to compliance are systematically prepared and stored.